Ambria for Alderman is Proudly Endorsed By:

Chicago DSA

Illinois Nurses Association

Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez

Cook County College Teachers Union

11th Ward IPO

Better Streets Chicago Action Fund

IAMAW Local Lodge 2600

25th Ward IPO

Commuters Take Action

Strong Towns Chicago

American Youth 4 Climate Action & Sustainability

Find out more information about these organizations below. If you are interested in endorsing Ambria Taylor, email us at [email protected]


The Ambria for Alderman campaign is grassroots, and community led. We've built a strong campaign here in the 11th ward, but we can't do it alone! We're so proud to receive endorsements from the organizations and unions listed below.

*Learn more about each by clicking the link at the bottom of the page

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Chicago Democratic Socialists of America-

I am so proud that we have been endorsed by Chicago DSA - our campaign exists to fight against a cruel capitalist system that sacrifices our health, social progress, and happiness to enrich a select few. Only together, with the working class fighting in unity, can we create the Chicago that we all deserve. Lets go win this together!

Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez-

Now that the 11th Ward will be inheriting Chinatown from the 25th ward, it is important that Byron's former constituents continue to have leadership that will fight for them. Thank you to Byron, I admire your spirit and your commitment to putting the needs of people over the demands of corporate interests that believe they are entitled to our communities’ resources.

11th Ward IPO-

The 11th Ward IPO is a multiracial, and community-based political organization that operates outside of the established political structure of the ward. They are organizing for a vision of politics that are participatory, democratic, responsive, and accountable to the people. We are very grateful to receive their endorsement. I can’t wait to start collaborating.

Illinois Nurses' Association-

INA is the nurses’ union, at the forefront, fighting for nurse’s rights to empower them to be the best advocates for their patients and their community. We are honored that our campaign has been endorsed by them. Organizing work in our medical system is so essential for all of us- we all want the best medical care for us and our loved ones. They fight for that. Thank you to INA and its members for all you do.

Better Streets Chicago Action Fund-

Better Streets Chicago Action Fund advocates and lobbies to make our streets better for walking, rolling, bicycling and public transit in the City of Chicago. I’m so thankful we have people who have dedicated themselves to fixing the problems with our streets that make them unsafe. Can’t wait to make that happen together!

Cook County College Teachers Union-

The Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600, represents over 5,000 members in 23 chapters in Cook County. They represent faculty members, professional employees, classified employees, retirees and adjuncts within our local. Since 1965, we have had experience protecting members under the labor law and grievance procedure. In many collective bargaining contracts they negotiate, they have enhanced the professional status, pay and working conditions of their members.

25th Ward IPO-

I am so honored to receive this endorsement. The 25th Ward IPO fights for the people. People power is the only way to fight the corruption and injustice in Chicago politics. We have to do it together - we answer to each other and not to the establishment.

If you live in the Pilsen and La Villita area I highly recommend you join the 25th Ward IPO and get involved!

Commuters Take Action-

Commuters Take Action are a movement of frustrated Chicago commuters. Their goal is to keep putting pressure on the CTA and city officials to start caring about one of our city's greatest assets - its transit system! We're thrilled to receive their Endorsement! Thank you @CTAaction let’s save public transportation!

IAMAW Local Lodge 2600-

Very proud to announce that I have been endorsed by the IAMAW Local Lodge 2600. Their membership is made up of machinists that work on Amtrak trains. Their shop is located on Canal right near the Park to Shop, very close to the 11th Ward. They are responsible for checking trains for issues, doing maintenance, and reporting serious issues. I had the honor of attending their meeting. I listened to these hard working guys talk about the pressure they feel from above to cut corners, and they pushed each other to do the job right and put safety first, no matter what anyone around them says. They talked about the losses they’ve had with their union brothers suffering injury and loss of life the past couple years. This year taught us the importance of the railroad labor fight for the crisis in freight rail, and let’s not forget about commuter either. As a representative I will listen to workers when it comes to safe working conditions and safe conditions for moving people and goods across our nation and through our city. The bosses only care about one thing, and it’s not us. Let’s listen to the guys who have our backs and try like hell to keep us safe - and let’s have theirs too.

Strong Towns Chicago-

The members of the Strong Towns Chicago chapter and the Ambria for Alderman team share a commitment to dynamic, thoughtful, PEOPLE-centered development and infrastructure. Thank you for your dedication to our city, and for your endorsement!

American Youth 4 Climate Action & Sustainability-

American Youth 4 Climate Action & Sustainability are a non-partisan/multipartisan grassroots American youth organization advocating/fighting for #ClimateAction and a 4 pillar sustainable future. This campaign is committed to environmental justice, and we're thankful to receive their endorsement.

If you are a member of union or community organization, and would like to get connected with the campaign or help us get endorsed, please let us know!

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