Housing and Gentrification

Ambria believes that housing is a human right. No one should be forced out of their homes. Everyone should have safe homes, all residents should be taught their housing rights in their primary language.

Affordable Housing
  • Explore cutting out the middleman of private management of public housing
  • Stronger oversight over CHA waitlist and management
  • Bring family sized affordable housing options to the ward
  • Vacancy tax on residential units, assist owners to find occupants by lowering costs
  • Water Debt Relief
  • Pass the Bring Chicago Home ordinance, to help fund solutions to homelessness in our city
Fighting Gentrification
  • Just Cause for Eviction
  • Ward office assistance with tax assessment appeals
  • Reducing the property tax burden on working class homeowners who reside in our ward
Home Improvement
  • Expanding repair resources to invest in Chicago’s crumbling housing stock and resources for working class homeowners
  • Funding Dept of Buildings to have more inspectors and to go after repeat problem buildings
  • Proactively Addressing Substandard Housing/Healthy Homes ordinance
  • Create a rental registry to decrease rental scams
  • Assist homeowners in accessing tax incentives, rebates, and grants for green home improvements, like those covered under the Infrastructure Reduction Act.