Public Safety:

Invest in Social Services

Ambria believes we must expand the ways that we address violence and increase public health and safety. We must bring back social services that were provided in the past, while enacting new solutions that live up to the ills we face today- such as the Treatment Not Trauma Ordinance

Community Solutions to Violence
  • More funding and local programming for violence interrupters
  • Passing the Peacebook Ordinance to curb violence
  • More Youth Programming money for parks district/schools locally and city wide
  • More community events sponsored by the ward office to bring more public activity
  • Ensure police officers are not being asked to perform duties outside of their job description by demanding that the city provide an effective array of other professionals to address homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and lack of economic opportunity.
  • Public Neighborhood Community Centers
Health Safety
  • Opening community health and mental health clinics and hiring more nurses
  • COVID Contact Tracing, Testing, and Vaccine expansion
  • Treatment not Trauma
  • Bring back public social workers available at all public parks
  • Increase number of public city ambulances
  • Increase funding for fire department and explore municipal preventative measures to reduce building fires
Tangible Solutions for Infrastructure Safety
  • Our campaign strongly believes that public safety means having tangible solutions for infrastructure safety, please read that platform plank here.