Our platform.

Ambria Taylor’s top priorities are:

A concrete plan for improving services and local infrastructure for residents.
Her first act in office will be to immediately launch an organized system for responding to calls and complaints. Her office will track progress on fixing issues with streets, sidewalks, trash, rodents, trees and more - and will continue to follow up with the residents along the way. Budgeting and development will be transparent and community-based - our money needs to be used on the local improvements it’s meant for.

Expand the ways we address public safety. We are stretching our public servants too thin. Police officers responded to 41,000 mental health calls in 2019. She’ll fight to shift calls like that to civilian departments and ensure that our city is providing youth programming, violence interruption, and programs that alleviate poverty.

Address local environmental problems to improve our air quality. And she is committed to saying “NO” to bringing more dirty industry to our ward - which is already 9 times more polluted than most other parts of the city.

Read our full platform below...

Our full platform was developed with community input via town halls, outreach with community organizations, and coordination with volunteers! With Ambria as alderman, the ward office will be a space of community organizing and collaboration. The campaign is no different. The platform is the foundation and the literal blueprint for the work that will be continued once we win.

Send questions or suggestions for our platform to [email protected].