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February 21st, 2023

Thank you Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez!

Now that the 11th Ward will be inheriting Chinatown from the 25th ward, it is important that Byron's former constituents continue to have leadership that will fight for them. Thank you Byron, I admire your spirit and your commitment to putting the needs of people over the demands of corporate interests that believe they are entitled to our communities’ resources.

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February 19th, 2023

We knocked over 1000 doors in one day with Chicago DSA Labor Branch!

THANK YOU 🙏 ❤️ TO THE @chicagodsa Labor Branch, to members of the 8 unions represented here, and to every person who came and helped us get out the word on the doors today.

Also, I gotta give an extra special shout-out to Meze Table- owned by two local women - they put together an amazing spread for us and everyone raves about how good it was and it put everyone in a great mood. Thanks so much Beth and Elizabeth!!

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cdsa HQ

February 18th, 2023

Great Day of Action with Better Streets Chicago Action Fund!

Great day to canvass for our @bscactionfund day of action! Thank you everyone 😊 and to those out covering the early polling place. Get out the vote! ✊

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bsc HQ

February 6th, 2023

Beautiful night of canvassing. Will you join us for a shift?

Thank you so much Shifa Zhong for hanging out with us and to Yudi for taking these beautiful photos. Bella and Aaron are neighbors and also both work at nearby school Sheridan. They are zone captains, which means they took responsibility for canvassing around their own block independently. It was so fun to meet up with them and these photos really captured what a good time we have getting out and knocking on doors and just enjoying each other's company. Please join us! These conversations are what it's all about. We canvass every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, or we can make a special canvass just for you. We also phonebank over Zoom on Mondays.

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February 5th, 2023

Great day of canvassing- thank you Ramsin Canon for a leading a great Political Education discussion on TIFs!

Beautiful day of canvassing, we talked to so many people. Everyone is out enjoying the weather! Thank you Ramsin for teaching us about TIFs, and everyone who came for being down to talk about how the system works. And for canvassing!

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February 2nd, 2023

Thank you Better Streets Chicago Action Fund!

We’ve been endorsed by Better Streets Chicago Action Fund! I’m so thankful we have people who have dedicated themselves to fixing the problems with our streets that make them unsafe. Can’t wait to make that happen together! @bscactionfund

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January 30th, 2023

We did it! Queer Disco Prom was so much fun!!

Ok I am posting this so late - we have a whole folder of incredible pics from Queer Disco Prom and no selection does the whole collection justice. THANK YOU to the dozen volunteers who worked hard to give us all the prom of our dreams. And to attendees who looked fabulous. We raised a stunning $3,000 for the campaign. What should the theme of Queer Prom be next year? Follow us on instagram and sound off in the DMs!

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January 28th, 2023

Thank you INA!

We’re honored our campaign has been endorsed by the Illinois Nurses Association. Organizing work in our medical system is essential for all of us- we all want the best medical care for us and our loved ones. They fight for that. Thanks to @INAaction and its members for all you do.

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January 26th, 2023

Thank you CCCTU!

Absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been endorsed by the @CCCTU_Local1600 ! I’m ready to fight alongside them to protect and grow Chicago’s Colleges, an extremely important resource for poor and working class people. Let’s go!

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January 20th, 2023

Thank you 11th Ward IPO!

We are very grateful to receive the endorsement of our local Independent Political Organization, the 11th Ward IPO. I can’t wait to start collaborating. Thanks for all you do @11thwardipo

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January 16th, 2023

Our 11th Ward Trivia Night was so much fun!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made our 11th Ward Trivia Night (“The Chicago Machine is HISTORY!”) an absolute banger. Thank you especially to Paul of Pocket Guide to Hell fame for hosting and putting together a really fun and interesting game. And thanks to Steve at Bernice's Tavern for having us. Please click here and donate if you didn’t get to go! Or if you were there and didn’t make a donation 😘.

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January 13th, 2023

Thank you Strong Towns Chicago!

The members of the Strong Towns Chicago chapter and the Ambria for Alderman team share a commitment to dynamic, thoughtful, PEOPLE-centered development and infrastructure. Thank you for your dedication to our city, and for your endorsement!

See our full Infrastructure & public transit platform here > See our environmental justice platform here >

Sign up here to volunteer with us > Learn more about Strong Towns here >


January 11th, 2023

Thank you Chicago DSA!

I am so proud that we have been endorsed by @chicagodsa - our campaign exists to fight against a cruel capitalist system that sacrifices our health, social progress, and happiness to enrich a select few. Only together, with the working class fighting in unity, can we create the Chicago that we all deserve. Lets go win this together!

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January 3rd, 2023

I Stand with Howard Brown Nurses in their fight against unfair labor practices!

The rain is NOT stopping the @hbhworkersunited who are on strike due to Howard Browns retaliation against union organizers! Amazed at their solidarity, striking is NOT easy. Thank you guys for taking a stand!

Follow Howard Brown Nurses here > Sign up to join the picket line here >

Donate to their strike solidarity fund here >


December 30th, 2022

Had an INCREDIBLE night celebrating the Laba Festival with our volunteers!

Had an INCREDIBLE night celebrating the Laba Festival with our volunteers (and we also stopped by the @UAWD and Teamsters shindig at Mitchell’s after, peep the last pic!) We wanted to celebrate everything we have accomplished together this past year and go into 2023 with some extra good luck. The owner of Northern Taste on Halsted even made us the customary Laba congee special just for us. Thanks to Xioachen for setting it up . He even brought us Baiju made by his friend in China - and made whole pamphlet to help educate us! So amazing. Later in January it will change over to the year of the Rabbit - which I was born in! So I think we may have some luck with us indeed. But we have already been so lucky to make so many new friends and have so much fun together.

Did you miss it? Check our our full events calendar here >


December 21st, 2022

We hosted So Happy You’re Here for a “Sip & Shop” popup in the office!

So many great vibes at the popup last night withSo happy you're here! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was a really special night. Let’s keep building on what makes our community special - our creativity and care for each other! I really believe that creativity can help us build that support system. Be sure to check out the storefront at 3331 S Halsted, 11am-6pm this week. Happy holidays!

Did you miss it? Check our our full events calendar here >


December 15th, 2022

Thank you to IAMAW LOCAL LODGE 2600

Very proud to announce that I have been endorsed by the IAMAW LOCAL LODGE 2600. Their membership is made up of machinists that work on Amtrak trains. Their shop is located on Canal right near the Park to Shop, very close to the 11th Ward. They are responsible for checking trains for issues, doing maintenance, and reporting serious issues. I had the honor of attending their meeting. I listened to these hard working guys talk about the pressure they feel from above to cut corners, and they pushed each other to do the job right and put safety first, no matter what anyone around them says. They talked about the losses they’ve had with their union brothers suffering injury and loss of life the past couple years. This year taught us the importance of the railroad labor fight for the crisis in freight rail, and let’s not forget about commuter either. As a representative I will listen to workers when it comes to safe working conditions and safe conditions for moving people and goods across our nation and through our city. The bosses only care about one thing, and it’s not us. Let’s listen to the guys who have our backs and try like hell to keep us safe - and let’s have theirs too.

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December 10th, 2022

The Teachers for Ambria happy hour was a HIT!

Friday we met up at Ambria-themed local bar Bernice’s (kidding! kind of 😂) to talk about the potential of teachers and school staff working together across schools in our ward. It was so good we’re gonna make it a repeat thing. Catch us next Friday at Maria’s at 4pm!

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December 4th, 2022

Howard Brown Health is threatening to lay off hundreds of healthcare workers- I joined a rally calling on them to put our community's health above profit

So happy I got to participate in the action for @hbhworkersunited - inspiring to see this HUGE crowd of people out in the cold streets to stand up for what’s right. And we marched right up to the CEO’s house. Queer Liberation, Not Exploitation! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✊ Ran into some friends, good to know there are those that will always be found on the right side of the fight. Thank you beautiful people!

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HBW rally

November 21st, 2022

We broke through our signature goals, and today we filled our petition sheets to get on the ballot!

Whelp! I have filed my petition signatures to get on the ballot! It’ll take a few weeks to be official so be in the lookout for that announcement. THANK YOU to all of the amazing volunteers who helped us collect signatures and of course to all those who signed. Let’s #movethe11thwardforward !!

Check out our full events calendar here and RSVP for any upcoming canvass or community event >

petition filling (1)

November 20th, 2022

We had such a great time on our 11th ward bike tour, Even snow can't stop us!

We had a BLAST on our wintry bike ride and heard some great ideas about the infrastructure we have to use to get around - we visited the overpass at Archer and talked about how hard it is to get over to the train station, the Stockyards, and Eleanor Boathouse where we shared our visions of connected trails along a clean river. Then we had some hot chocolate at the office :) thank you for everyone that came out and the volunteers from @bikegridnow who marshalled and kept us safe! :)

Our campaign organizes plenty of fun neighborhood events, see our full calendar and RSVP for any event here >

bike ride-1

November 15th, 2022

More coverage in World Journal Chicago!

Proud to share our THIRD article in esteemed Chinese language newspaper World Journal. You can hit “translate” at the top to translate the page. It’s not just about Halloween, but about our efforts to serve the community and even highlights our efforts to help pass the Workers Rights Amendment.

Read the story here (english translation "District 11 mayor candidate Ambria distributes candy on Halloween") >

More from World Journal

August 18th, 2022 English translation- "Ambria, candidate for the 11th ward of Chicago City Council, set up a campaign office at 3101 S Morgan" >

October 23rd, 2022 English translation- "Ambria, candidate for the 11th ward, promised to pay attention to the needs of Chinese residents" >

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November 9th, 2022

The Workers Rights Amendment passed! And our campaign got hundreds of signatures on election day!

Thank you for everyone’s hard work that made yesterday possible - we were out in force from 6am to 7pm and trust me when I say it did *not* go unnoticed by the political establishment. We have a world to win and we are fighting for it. We were at 14 precincts and 1 non-precinct polling place and we had a blast talking to our neighbors who are ready for an open and transparent ward office that serves the people. Then we had a fun results watch party in our office at the end of the night! We only have 4 months to make this happen. Get your yard/window signs, come canvass (we have fun I promise), and donate here

Special shout out to a supporter named Alex, who ran up me at at the pools excited to sign our petition then left and came back with coffee and pumpkin muffins!

Another special thanks to Mike, who delivered lunches and other materials from the office out to volunteers at the polls!

Our office location on the corner of 31st and Morgan just couldn’t be better. Most days we will be there in the afternoons and evening so pop by!

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October 23th, 2022

From 3pm-9pm our office grand opening was FULL of people!

Yesterday was one of my better birthdays, to say the least. We celebrate the grand opening of our new campaign office, and my 35th birthday, by hosting a party! From 3pm - 9pm our office was FULL of people, not to mention the ever-changing little crowd stopping on the sidewalk to chat. So many new people stopped in to say hi. We had a goal of selling 35 birthday candles for my birthday cake- it took a while but we did it (check out the video below)! Thank you everyone who came! We raised over $2,000 and collected 55 signatures that day. And a special thank you to all the extremely talented local artists who helped us make the office such a special place by lending us their work to hang!

Our location on the corner of 31st and Morgan just couldn’t be better. Most days we will be there in the afternoons and evening so pop by!

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October 21st, 2022

Thank you 25th Ward IPO!

I am so honored to receive this endorsement. The 25th Ward IPO fights for the people. People power is the only way to fight the corruption and injustice in Chicago politics. We have to do it together - we answer to each other and not to the establishment.

If you live in the Pilsen and La Villita area I highly recommend you join the 25th Ward IPO and get involved!

Learn more about the 25th Ward IPO here >

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October 7th, 2022

Food and beverage workers across Chicago stadiums teaming up to fight for a decent contract, thank you to South Side Sox for reporting on this!

A few days ago I marched in the picket at Sox Park in support of @uniteherelocal1 - they are negotiating a contract. Spoke to a member who said this is the first time food and beverage workers at Wrigleyville, United Center and White Sox are working together to fight for a better contract. She mentioned that healthcare at White Sox is the worst compared to the others. They deserve better!

This morning Malachi Hayes, from South Side Sox, covered the story and included a few quotes from me. All chicago sports fans need to be aware of this story.

Read the full article from SouthSideSox here >

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September 28th, 2022

I stand with the workers of TWU local 556!

Today I attended an informational picket line today at Midway while similar pickets happened in 10 other cities as well. I stand with the workers of @twulocal556 and I call on @southwestair to #MakeItRightSWA - pay your flight attendants for ALL the time they work and give them access to hot food and a bed. Did you know your Southwest flight attendant might be sleeping on the floor of the airport tonight? Me neither, and I'm not ok with it. And helping flight attendants helps passengers, too - that's why I always say that working conditions are our living conditions. I got to meet Corliss King, 2nd VP of TWU 556. Thanks to members and staff of TWU for pushing Southwest to do better for all of us. I'll be out here again in a snap if Southwest doesnt Make It Right!

The Ambria for Alderman campaign is strongly pro-union. All through petition season, while we collect signatures for Ambria to get on the ballot, we also be telling our neighbors about the Workers Rights Amendment.

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RSVP for a canvass here, and help us spread the word about the Workers Rights Amendment >

canvass late sept (1)

September 27th, 2022

Our full public safety platform "Public Safety: Invest in Social Services" is now live!

In addition, you can check out our WHOLE PLATFORM in the issues page! We have spend nearly a year crafting this and getting input through canvassing, community meetings, and conversations with experts. This is our blueprint for what we will work on in the ward office together.

Read more about Ambria's public safety agenda here>

See our full platform here >

September 26th, 2022

Thanks to the Ambria for Alderman volunteers for helping clean up Halsted from 31st to 35th!

Look at all those bags of garbage! Biggest thanks to Travis, @rainspell1134, who made it happen. Be on the lookout for more cleanups!

See our full Calendar here >


September 22nd, 2022

We need a city-wide Bike Grid! So proud to have taken part in this action

I am so proud to have taken part in this amazing action organized by @bikegridnow - thank you guys for your efforts. It was refreshing to feel so free biking around in my city. We need a bike grid and deserve safe streets.

Read our Infrastructure platform, "Safe Streets Save Lives", here>

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September 21st, 2022

Another great weeknight canvass!

We have FUN at our canvasses! Another big beautiful canvass on a Wednesday night. We added a third field organizer to our team, her name is Bella and you can see her helping someone register to vote in the second picture. She helped someone register on Monday too! By the way, we’ve been viewing spaces for campaign offices…stay tuned…and come talk to neighbors with us!

Did we miss you? See our full calendar and RSVP here >

canvass late sept

September 19th, 2022

Incredible new lit alert

Thank you to our art director Beth, there's no one like her! This design is so special! We need your help to canvass with us and spread these beautiful cards all over the neighborhood!

See our full Calendar and RSVP here >


September 19th, 2022

The next piece of our platform, “Infrastructure and Public Transportation: Safe Streets Save Lives” is live!

Thanks to our team, countless residents at community meetings and on the doors as we’ve canvassed for almost a whole year, and to the groups in Chicago educating us all about what we can do to protect pedestrians and cyclists. Our built environment shapes everything around us. Investment in infrastructure is the difference between walkable neighborhoods and risk of death and injury. It affects our health, our happiness, and our opportunities in life. For too long we have seen essential streets go unshoveled after snowstorms, have been late for work due to ghost buses, and have dealt with crumbling streets, sidewalks, alleys and bridges.

This campaign is a group project and our plan is being made together. We will be releasing our Public Safety platform piece very soon!

Read more here >

See our full platform here >

Safe Streets save lives

September 4th, 2022

This is what our community looks and feels like at its best!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who took part in this beautiful event. It was the best day ever! This is what our community looks and feels like at its best. Every community faces challenges, especially the ones we don't choose. But this past weekend, we showed up for love and joy and not for hate and fear. It was 100% pure delicious good vibes. And even though I'm thanking everyone who showed up, I especially want to thank Brittany & the crew at @hausofmelaninbeautybar because they gave Bridgeport a chance and then gave us another one. We will keep fighting to #MoveThe11thWardForward and make this place great for EVERYONE who lives here. This block party was just another example of how creative, smart, and capable we all are, and that the shape of the future is up to us. These lovely photos by @_bethmartini .Thanks for the tunes November Riot and Mermaid NV - y'all rock. Thanks to Duck Inn for duck fat sausages (fancy!) & Spoke & Bird for amazing bakery cooked buns. Thanks to Beermiscuous for beers, Polo Inn for hand sanitizer, Becky & Will for cooking for everyone the whole time, all of our tablers & vendors, & volunteers who did set up and break down & watched the bouncy house. I'm sure I'm leaving some off of here - THANK YOU!!

See our full events calendar here >

BPCollage_2 (1)
BPCollage_3 (1)

August 31st, 2022

So excited that petition Season is finally here!

My first two days of petition season were even better than I hoped. I started by collecting dozens of signatures from old friends at Jackalope Cafe, then spent to afternoon petitioning my neighbors. Last night I joined the rest of the crew for a canvass of Bridgeport. Eventually, I ran into my former student, who gave me a good introduction to some neighbors! What a night!

We only need 473 signatures to get on the ballot, but we have until the end of November to get as many as possible. Help us show this campaign's strength and get the word out.

Click here to see our full canvass schedule, and to RSVP >

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August 30th, 2022

We reached our goal of $50,000 dollars raised before the start of petition season!

THANK YOU! We raised $50,372 by the start of petition season - no small feat! We fought hard for every dollar, and every dollar came from someone who really cares about seeing this happen. No corporate dollars did this, just people power! Speaking of which, we will be out knocking doors and collecting signatures to get on the ballot starting today! Raising money is critical, but there's no replacement for a face to face conversation. We need as many of you out there with us as possible!

Click here to see our full canvass schedule, and to RSVP >

August 18th, 2022

Headline: "Candidate for Alderman of Ward 11, Ambria, promises to pay attention to the needs of Chinese residents."

I am SO excited that I was profiled in World Journal, a very important global newspaper that also reports Chicago news and is widely read and distributed in the 11th ward. I'm grateful to get the opportunity to talk about the work our campaign team has been doing, and that a reporter was able to cover our community meeting! This will help us continue to make new connections and grow the work we are doing to make this campaign impactful right now before the election is even here.

Read the article on World Journal >

Read our English translation here >


August 13th, 2022

Our community meetings are an opportunity to teach each other and fire up our imaginations. Thank you to everyone who attended and shared thoughts about public safety.

To me, teaching has always been about facilitating reciprocity and supporting the trust we need to be vulnerable enough to both speak and listen to each other. Our community meetings are the same way - an opportunity to teach each other and fire up our imaginations. It’s not enough to ask people what they need or want - we have to find deeper ways to interact and we have to provide the tools needed for us to answer these questions together. “What do you need?” is a very big question. “How can we try to get it?” is the next step, and that isn’t easy either. It’s an absolute necessity that government take this work seriously and invest fully in it. I’m not waiting until I’m elected to try to figure out how to connect with my fellow residents in the 11th ward and start building together. Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting and shared your thoughts about public safety. It made me very optimistic for our future.

Our next community meeting is August 24th, RSVP here! >

Click here to see our full events calendar >

community meeting 8_13

August 9th, 2022

We're Teaming up with Haus of Melanin Beauty Bar for a Back to School Bash!

It’s official! We are teaming up with Haus of Melanin Beauty Bar to throw a BLOCK PARTY! September 3rd, next to the shop on 34th & S. Morgan, from 12-4pm. Live music! Bouncy house! Grilling! Bring your own food and beer! We're also doing a book bag and school supply donation drive for back to school giveaway so be on the lookout for ways to donate supplies!

Click here for more Information. If your band wants to play, if your organization wants to table, or if you want to donate your time in other ways, you can let us know here! >

Artboard 1

July 27th, 2022

More Fun Canvassing!

Last week we were busy having fun with more big beautiful weeknight night canvasses. We hit the streets of Chinatown and went out for dim sum after. We aren’t waiting around for people to come to the table…we’re literally going and getting them and bringing them to it! It’s hard work to do that and we are so lucky to have so many people ready and willing to do that work and #MoveThe11thWardForward

If we missed you this time you can check out our full schedule here >


July 16th, 2022

Thank you Shelby and Chris for hosting a volunteer appreciation cookout!

THANK YOU THANK YOU Shelby and Chris for opening your home and throwing a cookout so we can show appreciation for Ambria for Alderman campaign volunteers. In just the last three months, this amazing group has knocked thousands of doors, hosted 5 community meetings, and organized an incredible music show/fundraiser (see more about that below!). Petition season starts Aug 30th and we are all feeling optimistic surrounded by all these wonderful people. Let’s #movethe11thwardforward !!

Want to house a house party? Let us know here and we'll follow up with you! >


July 10th, 2022

Environmental Justice: People Over Polluters

We are proud to announce our first campaign platform item, built together with residents over the past two months. To create our plan, we: met with local organizers who have been working on these issues in the area; attended the incredible public meeting hosted by the Southwest Environmental Alliance; and held three open community meetings to discuss this issue and others. Those conversations made it clear that environmental racism and corrupt development deals with toxic polluters places a great weight on the wards and neighborhoods of the south side - including ours.

Read more here >

PeopleOverPolluters - Platform Graphic - White BG

July, 7th, 2022

Headline: “Build a Better and Safer Community and Fight for the Rights of the People. Chicago Public Schools Teacher Ambria to Run for 11th Ward Alderman.

I am so very honored and excited that my very first print media coverage is a profile in Sing Tao Daily @singtaohk, written by Chicago District Chief Michelle Teo herself. A huge thank you to Ms. Teo for taking the time to talk with me and for introducing me to your readers.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 3.17.52 PM

June 20th, 2022

THANK YOU to everyone who made this weekend’s fundraiser a huge success -

We brought in $2400 for the campaign and we owe every person who made this possible a larger debt than that.

This is about so much more than the money, this is about bringing together all of the energy and talent and turning it into something that makes an impact. After this, I believe more than ever in the possibility of what we can achieve together in our special little corner of Chicago. A big shout out first and foremost to @misskodimlea who made this whole thing run. Thank you next to Ben Moroney who was also a huge part of organizing this and booking bands and even rescheduled work to run sound. Thanks @maxgelula for working so hard at rehearsals with me and my students and their friends, Ratz Juice so we could knock everyone’s socks off with our rendition of Last Resort, and thanks to Brigham from the Walkie Talkies for stepping in to play drums for us at the last minute and to the Walkie Talkies for performing. Thanks to our other acts @gladragsmusic @kevinandhell and our emcee @stingostingo - all who gave up their time and skills for free and to all who came and donated. And thank you to everyone else on the campaign steering committee for everything you do.

Miss the show? See what other events are coming up here >


May 15th, 2022

Thank you to everyone who made our second community meeting such a wonderful experience.

This truly felt like one of those moments where you get to walk the walk - we got to collaborate with our neighbors and have them help us design this campaign through working on our platform with us. A former student of mine even came! Let’s get the youth involved too. Our next community meeting will be June 4th - be on the lookout for more details including what our focus will be. Anybody can share any ideas, but as the platform starts to take shape we will start to focus on certain items that need to be fleshed out. Please join us next time and contribute to the plan we are making for our ward. We are not just making a wish list - we are scheming about how we can try to make these plans a reality. We are making a blueprint to build from and I am so excited for us to build it together.

See what other community meetings are coming up here >


May 2nd, 2022

We had our first community town hall meeting, and I am so excited for what is to come.

With just a couple hours it was hard to dig into everything there is to plan out for the ward. Thank you to everyone who came and shared their visions for the future of their community. This is how we are building our platform - we plan it together as a community. When I win this race, we will all win because that seat of power will be used to advance the agenda we created together. Power built by all of us instead of given from higher places stays in our hands. We talked a lot about environmental justice and transit problems this time, next time we are going to come back together to make plans for our infrastructure (and whatever else comes up naturally!). Our next canvass is Saturday at 11am, the next community town hall meeting is May 14th at Armour Square Park Field house. Please come and be part of what we are building. Thank you thank you thank you to @hausofmelaninbeautybar owner Brittany who not only opened the shop for us and put out snacks but who also stayed and participated and shared her thoughts. Let’s keep on moving the 11th ward forward!

See what other community meetings are coming up here >


April 24th, 2022

Our First Official Canvass!

WHAT A DAY! Thank you to ALL of the ONE MILLION people who came out on a rainy day to make our first official Ambria for Alderman canvass a huge success. We had so many great conversations with each other and on the doors. With the election still 11 months away, seeing so many people believe in this before we even have endorsements or paid staff gives me so much hope. We can move mountains and we can move the 11th ward forward.

If we missed you this time you can check out our full schedule here >

4.24 Canvass-COLLAGE

April 23rd, 2022

Thank you Sam for opening up your home for another great Ambria for Alderman house party!

To our campaign team, house parties are another way to collaborate on a vision for the ward. We aren’t just coming in and presenting a campaign to our neighbors at these events; we’re literally working on it together! We hatched so many exciting plans together last night. Thank you to @zeog for making this happen…not pictured: an incredible spread of food and drinks Sam set up. Scheming takes fuel and he provided in abundance. I’m still full…

If you want to plan a house party please let us know here or text, email the campaign. You invite your 11th ward friends and we hang out and talk about the ward. It’s really that simple - and it helps us move the 11th ward forward!

Interested in hosting a house party? Let us know here >

4.22 HouseParty-COLLAGE

March 4th, 2022

@hausofmelaninbeautybar is in the news again, but this time it is more positive. I'm so proud of all of the people in Bridgeport who stepped up to embrace & encourage Brittany and her team, and I'm thankful they are giving this community another chance.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 4.20.48 PM