Public Education and Youth Services

Our families deserve free public child care, youth services and programming, and elder services that are culturally affirmative.

  • Ensure proper staffing for small class sizes
  • Bilingual and ELL support for our families - tutoring to learn English for all ELL students through high school and language resources for their parents
  • Demand that CPS change the rule that separates Mandarin and Cantonese for achieving the benchmark for district funding for a language-specific support role
  • Increase family engagement in our public schools, including funding for language justice
  • Ward Youth Council for input over ward office decision making
  • Build more relationships with area schools to connect administrators, teachers, and families to connect them with available resources
  • Retrofit our public schools, ensure all schools have quality modern HVAC systems and mold/lead/asbestos remediation
  • Increase after school public events/activities
  • Increase funding for the summer jobs for youth program with targeted outreach to enroll more employers and youth in the program, steering them towards jobs that will involve youth in improving the local community
  • Invest in City Colleges and promote programs within City Colleges to CPS families